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In order to understand the reasons or causes of a sporting injuries, we carry out a detailed bio mechanical assessment of the joint or the injury. Once this has been completed, we will devise a programme of rehabilitation to return our clients to full sporting activity as quickly as possible.


Each of our physiotherapists are very experienced practitioners and we work with sports men and women ranging from amateur footballers to Olympic athletes. Regardless of your level of sporting activity, at Park Physiotherapy Sports Injury Centre you will receive a highly professional level of care.

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• Tennis elbow

• Shin splints

• Foot and ankle pain

• Over use injuries

• Iliotibial band syndrome associated with runners

• Shoulder injuries associated with tennis squash javelin

Common sports injuries:

• Manipulative therapy

• Electro therapy

• Muscle balance techniques

• Clinical pilates

• Ergonomics and exercise therapy

• Fitting of orthotics


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