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Following a thorough assessment, your physiotherapist may well recommend the use of orthotics or products designed to support the joint or area causing you discomfort. This may be in conjunction with a programme of exercise or therapy and the products recommended are clinically designed to support and complement rehabilitation of the area in question.

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• Foot Orthotics

• Collars

• Spinal supports

• Wrist braces

• Knee supports

• Lumber rolls

• Seating wedges

Orthotics and other support products include:

We also supply extra long shaped, specially contoured wheat heat packs to provide relief for neck and muscle discomfort.


Cushioned insoles and shock absorbing heel cups are effective measures to tackle the pain and limitations associated with Osgood-Schlatter disease and Sever's disease. Our range of orthotics is extensive and we can supply exercise bands.


We are Sports Council listed and a medical injury approved clinic. Park Physiotherapy Sports Injury Centre is a member of PhysioFirst.

Physiotherapy support products in Watford